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HGU-55/E with EEK Single Visor


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The HGU-55/E with Single Lens EEK Visor provides head protection against sharp object penetration while redistributing the force of impact over a large region. This helmet is individually crafted in KEVLAR™ and comes standard with a Confor™ foam custom liner. It is identical to the HGU 55/P, the only differnce is that a protective visor housing replaces the bungee visor housing. This helmet incorporates the H-154A/AIC high noise attenuation ear cup assembly as standard. Your choice of paint color and your choice of black, gray, or blue leather liner and exterior edge roll.

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  • Made in the USA
  • Three Helmet Shell Sizes: Medium (Up to 22.25″), Large (22.25″ to 24.75″) and XXL (24.75″ and Above)
  • Five Confor Comfort Liner® sizes:1/2″ (S), 3/8″ (M), 5/16″ (L), 1/4″ (XL), 1/8″ (XXL)
  • Visor color options: Smoke, Yellow and Clear (Other options coming soon!)
  • NVG Lip Lights Available
  • 8-Step Paint Finishing Process- Custom colors at no extra charge!
  • Lightweight Crushable Ear Cups
  • Adjustable Heavy Duty Leather Chin Strap
  • EPS Liner Meets MIL Spec
  • Communications Included
  • Lightweight Dupont Kevlar®
  • Highly Adjustable Comfort Fit

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 11 in



Reference Colors

Please note that color is not accurate for Metallics and Pearls

Solid Colors

  • Snow White
  • GM White
  • Cream Beige
  • Sun Yellow
  • Orange
  • Holly Red
  • Candy Red
  • UPS Brown
  • Balboa Blue
  • Black


Metallics & Pearls

  • Silver M
  • Striker Silver M
  • Silver Frost M
  • Pewter M
  • Fireball Red M
  • Cherry Red M
  • Briar Brown M
  • Burgundy M
  • Whole Earth M
  • Electric Blue M
  • Blue M
  • Diplomat Blue M
  • Sea Breeze M
  • Cedar Green M
  • Teal M
  • Diamond P
  • Gunmetal P
  • Champ Gold P
  • Ruby Red P
  • Dark Red P
  • Maroon P
  • Stratos Blue P
  • Bright Blue P
  • Royal Blue P
  • Black P