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Why Do Helicopter Pilots Wear Helmets

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Aviation Helmet Standards: Don't Lose Your Head

Flight helmets can save your life. In addition to providing impact protection in case of sudden movements or turbulence, modern helmets often come equipped with built-in communication systems that allow pilots to communicate with air traffic control, other aircraft, or passengers without external noise interference. They also offer mounting points, hearing protection, eye protection with visors, and even an additional layer of fire protection. Helicopter pilots wear helmets not only to protect from impact but also to utilize all the systems within their cockpit.

Flight Helmets aren’t just for your safety either! If you have passengers in your aircraft, you are responsible for their safety. The price of a flight helmet is nothing compared to the cost of a loss of life or life-changing injury. Not only could a crash hurt you and your passengers, but the crash could also impact people on the ground. In addition to providing protection for your head, a properly equipped and fitted helmet can improve your ability to communicate, enhance your vision while protecting your eyes and makes a great platform for your communications equipment. Our helmets are certified to meet current safety standards, we also provide helmet inspection certifications to make sure your flight helmet is giving you the protection you deserve.

The US Department of the Interior recently published a report detailing an incident where a helicopter pilot was struck by a bird mid-flight. Fortunately for the pilot, he was wearing a helmet with the visor down. Without the flight helmet visor, the bird remains would have likely entered his eyes, obstructed his vision and resulted in a loss of control of the helicopter. According to the report, the pilot’s flying skill and proper usage of Aviation Life Support Equipment (ASLE), saved 3 lives that day.

Flight Helmet Communications

Are Helmets Legally Required?

Though they are not legally mandatory, there are some companies that require their pilots to wear a helmet, especially during training exercises. Flight helmets can also have a variety of helpful accessories such as night vision, communications equipment and vision-enhancing visors. Helicopter pilots especially wear helmets when flying do to the added danger and often low-flying nature of helicopters. In addition to providing a better fit than a headset for communication, flight helmets can also provide noise-reduction benefits for pilots, especially when flying with the doors open on a helicopter. There is also the risk of loose items inside the vehicle or debris flying into the vehicle that could cause injury or cause the pilot to lose maximum control over the vehicle. When performing a high-risk operation while piloting, the last thing you want is something to hit you in the eyes or face.

Black EVO HPH Helicopter Pilot Helmet

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