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      High-quality Helmets for Helicopter Pilots and More

      Helmets for helicopter pilots are essential pieces of equipment. In addition to safety, aviation helmets can also improve visibility and enhance communications capabilities. Government Sales Inc. are here to support you in finding the best protective equipment and accessories for your aviation safety and communications needs.

      How We Became an Industry Leader in Helmets for Helicopter Pilots

      Government Sales was founded by Charles Schweitzer, who served in the Veterinary Corps of the U.S. Army during World War II, caring for military horses. As a gifted equestrian, Charles started his first business after the war in 1948, The Hitching Post Riding Academy. Over time, his family grew, industries evolved, and Charles decided to move into a different area of business in 1965. With war decreasing across the globe, there was an excess of government-issued materials such as cloth and canvas. This sparked the idea for Charles to eventually open his own Army/Navy shop in 1969.

      Due to the success of his canvas outfitting services, Charles began to purchase additional surplus supplies such as flight suits, helmets, and fiberglass helmet shells. In the back of his Army/Navy store, he began restoring and refurbishing flight helmets from the Vietnam War era. As his skills improved, he started selling these reconditioned helmets to civilian pilots who flew crop-spraying planes. This area of the business began to grow, so Charles focused his efforts on helmet repairs and sales. With the help of his sons, Eric and David Schweitzer, the company eventually began manufacturing their own custom helmet models, meeting U.S. Military specs and requirements. After Charles’ passing in 1987, David and Eric have worked together as co-owners of Government Sales Inc to honor their father’s ambition and legacy.

      Government Sales Inc has grown to be a major competitor in the aviation industry, manufacturing high tech helmets for helicopter pilots and other aviators in civilian, law enforcement, and military industries.