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HGU-55/P with PRU-36/P Dual Visor


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The HGU-55/P with PRU-36/P Dual Visor provides head protection against sharp object penetration while redistributing the force of impact over a large region. This helmet is individually crafted in KEVLAR™ and comes standard with a Confor™ foam custom liner. This helmet incorporates the H-154A/AIC high noise attenuation ear cup assembly as standard. Your choice of paint color and your choice of black, gray, or blue leather liner and exterior edge roll.

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The HGU-55/P Helmet was developed as a flexible platform and is available in two configurations to suit a wide range of high-G mission needs. This standard lightweight version consists of a Kevlar shell that reduces head borne weight while retaining strength. This Lightweight HGU-55/P Helmet is the standard for all USA for high-performance maneuvers of up to + 9 Gs and to help avoid G-induced loss of consciousness (GLOC). Air Force Aircrew F-15 and F-16. As a means of combating fatigue, this technically advanced device provides pilots with a decisive advantage in combat, so that they can perform more high-G missions every day without losing performance.

Protection & Stability

The Energy Absorbing Liner (EAL) provides the primary impact-absorbing medium in the HGU-55/P Helmet System with an energy-absorbing, expanded-polystyrene bead pressure molded to match shell dimensions. A one-piece strap assembly is threaded through the shell to ensure flexibility and retention, and adjustments at the chinstrap. Cross straps threaded through the nape-strap pad change to provide a snug but comfortable fit at the same time as the chin strap, particularly when night vision goggles or other head borne systems are attached.

Comfortable, Transparent Communications

Standard plastic ear cups in high-noise settings offer optimum noise attenuation, and optional leather-covered ear pads are available for even greater comfort. HGU-55/P Helmets for voice communications may be fitted with a boom microphone or corded to the oxygen-mask microphone.

  • Made in the USA
  • Three Helmet Shell Sizes: Medium (Up to 22.25″), Large (22.25″ to 24.75″) and Extra-Large (24.75″ and Above)
  • Five Confor Comfort Liner® sizes:1/2″ (S), 3/8″ (M), 5/16″ (L), 1/4″ (XL), 1/8″ (XXL)
  • 8-Step Paint Finishing Process- Custom colors at no extra charge!
  • High Noise Earcups
  • Standard Chin and Nape Strap
  • MIL Spec EPS Shock Liner
  • Communications Included
  • Lightweight Dupont Kevlar®
  • Highly Adjustable Comfort Fit

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions11 × 11 × 11 in



Reference Colors

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Solid Colors

  • Snow White
  • GM White
  • Cream Beige
  • Sun Yellow
  • Orange
  • Holly Red
  • Candy Red
  • UPS Brown
  • Balboa Blue
  • Black


Metallics & Pearls

  • Silver M
  • Striker Silver M
  • Silver Frost M
  • Pewter M
  • Fireball Red M
  • Cherry Red M
  • Briar Brown M
  • Burgundy M
  • Whole Earth M
  • Electric Blue M
  • Blue M
  • Diplomat Blue M
  • Sea Breeze M
  • Cedar Green M
  • Teal M
  • Diamond P
  • Gunmetal P
  • Champ Gold P
  • Ruby Red P
  • Dark Red P
  • Maroon P
  • Stratos Blue P
  • Bright Blue P
  • Royal Blue P
  • Black P