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Helicopter Helmets

Outraged By The Price Of A New Flight Helmet?

Government Sales Inc. continues to produce innovative and affordable helmets that allow for pilot helmet repairs for any application!

New Helmets Starting At $905.00

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New Sales or Repairs, we are your one stop shop!

Government Sales Inc provides exceptional helmet services and prides itself in its ability to take a worn, distressed helmet and bring it back to its former glory. Your helmets will will be disassembled and inspected. Once your helmet is determined to be in operational condition, it goes through the process of painting and then reassembly. During your helmet service we can replace damaged or obsolete parts or add additional improvements to your helmet.

If you have any helmets that you suspect need repair, restoration, or you just want the peace of mind knowing that your helmet is in top operational condition, we offer our inspection services.

ANR + Bluetooth Options Available For All Helmets!

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Our Story

Government Sales Inc

Founded in 1968, the Government Sales’ professional staff has been outfitting civilian and military pilots and fleets both domestically and Internationally for more than 30 years. Helicopter pilots and crew members have come to rely on us for helmets, flight suits, parts, and accessories.

Our helmets are tested at an independent lab to the same exact standards as used by UNITED STATES ARMY AEROMEDICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY. (USAARL) Pilot helmet repairs and test data are available upon request.

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