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Anvis6 Kevlar Single Visor Helmet


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The Anvis6 Kevlar Single Visor Helmet, is a lightweight helmet based on the U.S. Army’s Sound Protective Helmet. It is the most comfortable and best fitting helicopter helmet on the market! The Kevlar Single Visor Helmet has been tested to MIL-H-43925D and is exportable without the need of an export license.

The Anvis6 Kevlar® Single Visor Helmet comes standard High Strength Kevlar® Reinforces Retention Assembly; eliminating forward role while using NVG’s. This helmet features the best passive noise attenuation technology when using our Confor® foam inserts. Unlike some of our competitors, all of our lenses meet MIL-V-43511 specifications.

Choose from several colors at no additional charge. High or Low Impedance available: select your options when building your helmet. All Anvis6 Kevlar Single Visor Helmets are made in America and are custom built to order.

Sold complete with standard general aviation communications.

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Fresh Kevlar Hat, Dual Visor, or Single Visor Hat. The lightweight and efficient Kevlar shell is an improvement from the old SPH-4 helmet fiberglass case. This helmet is fitted with the versatile dual visor assembly, each with its own actuation knob, which houses both clear and dark visors. This helmet is complete with Transparent & Dark visors, TPL lining and impact styrene, black retention assembly with fixed strap on one side and double buckle adjustment on the other side, ear cups, wire boom assembly, contact cord and plug(s), and civilian communications consisting of 300ohm earphones and Electret microphone.

Kevlar is an incredibly lightweight and effective synthetic polymer at its heart, which is weaved into a material that is 5 times stronger than steel when the weight is equal. Kevlar has an extremely high resistance to tensile and is 8 times stronger than steel wire. This is then turned into a thread that can be woven into cloth or other materials until it is processed into its fiber optic-form. And it’s made into body armor and bulletproof coats.
A significant thing to remember about Kevlar is that it can not be put in direct sunlight and is not waterproof. If this happens, the fibers will lose their density, making it much less efficient. That’s why you see Kevlar as being mainly used as an inner lining or center of a product. The best thing about Kevlar is that is mixed with other composite materials will make it much stronger than it is by itself.

  • Made in the USA
  • Two Helmet Shell Sizes: Regular (Up to 22.25″ circumference) and XL (22.25″ and Above)
  • Five Confor Comfort Liner® sizes:1/2″ (S), 3/8″ (M), 5/16″ (L), 1/4″ (XL), 1/8″ (XXL)
  • Visor color options: Smoke and Clear
  • NVG Lip Lights Available
  • 8-Step Paint Finishing Process- Custom colors at no extra charge!
  • Lightweight Crushable Ear Cups
  • Adjustable Heavy Duty Leather Chin Strap
  • Fidlock® Magnetic Buckle
  • High-Strength Kevlar® Reinforced Yoke Retention Harness
  • EPS Liner Meets MIL Spec
  • Communications Included
  • Lightweight Dupont Kevlar®
  • Highly Adjustable Comfort Fit

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions11 × 11 × 11 in



Reference Colors

Please note that color is not accurate for Metallics and Pearls

Solid Colors

  • Snow White
  • GM White
  • Cream Beige
  • Sun Yellow
  • Orange
  • Holly Red
  • Candy Red
  • UPS Brown
  • Balboa Blue
  • Black


Metallics & Pearls

  • Silver M
  • Striker Silver M
  • Silver Frost M
  • Pewter M
  • Fireball Red M
  • Cherry Red M
  • Briar Brown M
  • Burgundy M
  • Whole Earth M
  • Electric Blue M
  • Blue M
  • Diplomat Blue M
  • Sea Breeze M
  • Cedar Green M
  • Teal M
  • Diamond P
  • Gunmetal P
  • Champ Gold P
  • Ruby Red P
  • Dark Red P
  • Maroon P
  • Stratos Blue P
  • Bright Blue P
  • Royal Blue P
  • Black P